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WoodyMaps is a young company founded by Daan van Duijn in 2018.

With a love for computer-controlled machines, laser cutters quickly became interesting machines that I also wanted to own.

During my Mechanical Engineering studies at the Delft University of Technology, I was a student assistant in the workshop of the faculty for a number of years. Despite the fact that I found teaching turning and milling very interesting, my attention was drawn to the laser cutter that was purchased by the faculty.

During my studies I started with Luxigo , a laser cutting company engaged in custom cutting designs that are supplied.

In 2017, the first wooden cards came from my own machines, often because I had to arrange a gift for a birthday at the last minute.

The idea of ​​WoodyMaps was already worked out at the time.

Following a Master at the TUDelft in addition to an own company was actually already busy …. The WoodyMaps website gradually took shape in 2018.

I graduated at the beginning of 2019 and I mainly focused on the website and the designs of all WoodyMaps city maps.

During the summer of 2019 everything really took shape and the company really took off.

Since May 2021 we have moved to Rotterdamseweg 370A10. Here we are in a building with the following companies:

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