The WoodyMaps are made by laser cutting.

A Laser cutter is a CNC machine, or a computer controlled machine, which can cut and engrave materials with the help of a powerful laser.

For the WoodyMaps we use surface engraving, line engraving and cutting. The machine engraves the names of the city, the streets are engraved with line engraving, the the machine moves as a pen over the material and the wood burns away. Finally, the water and the map are cut out.


Without Frame: The Woody Map comes with a hanging system and a stand. This allows the card to be hung or put down. The hanging system is mounted on the back of the card. Normally we deliver the same color as the card, if you want a different color as standard, let us know as a comment on your order.

With Frame: The Woody Map comes with a frame. These cards do not have a wooden hanging system on the back and are supplied without a stand.

Do you have a own frame ? Indicate this in the order notes. We will then ensure that we deliver a Woody Map without hanging system. This way the card will fit in your own list.


The City maps are offered in the following sizes:

  • 298 x 208 mm
  • 398 x 298 mm
  • 498 x 398 mm
  • 698 x 498 mm.

Due to these dimensions, the cards easily fit in frames. You can order a WoodyMap with a frame or without a frame. We then make a hanging system behind it. Are you planning to put the WoodyMap in your own frame, let us know! Then we will not make a hanging system and it will fit more easily into your list.


The City Maps are made by laser cutting.

On each Woody Map, motorways and city streets are visible as thin lines.

Because the tracks of trains and trams are burned a little deeper into the wood, they are nicely visible on the Woody Map.

Existing lakes, ditches, canals or rivers are visible on the Woody Map because these are completely cut out. At the location of bridges, the streets remain connected.

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